Foundation in Management programme is exclusively deliberated for fresh school leavers as the beginning of their successful educational journey. The main objectives of the programme are to provide students with a strong academic foundation and skills in management-related areas such as marketing, finance, computer application and accounting management, allowing them to explore and identify their areas of interest. Students will also be exposed to ethical and social responsibility to instill a sense of ethical awareness and social responsibility in future managers, emphasizing the importance of ethical decision-making and considering the impact of business on society. The student must complete 50 total credit hours/ with a minimum CGPA 2.00. The programme operates in UNISEL Bestari Jaya Campus.

Open to all local and international students with the requirements below:

Passed SPM/O-Level with a minimum of 5 credits in any subjects; OR
Passed UEC with at least Grade B in any 3 subjects; OR
Any other equivalent qualification recognized by Malaysia Government.

RM 7,320.00 (LOCAL)


FREE tuition fees – Biasiswa Program Asas

1 year (3 semesters)

Add on 1 semester for Huffaz Track

Fully physical in Bestari Jaya Campus

Intake April / July / November – Apply Now

Many students who complete a Foundation in Management program go on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Business Administration, Human Resource, Marketing, Finance and any business related studies. Graduates with business study would have a wide range of choice of careers ahead such as bankers, accountants, lecturers, business owners, human resource managers, etc. Students may also choose to use their knowledge and skills to start their own business ventures. The program equips them with a good understanding of business principles and management practices, which can be valuable for entrepreneurs. With a foundation in management, individuals may pursue careers in sales and marketing, working as sales representatives, marketing coordinators, or digital marketing specialists. Graduates may find opportunities in customer service roles, where their understanding of management principles can be applied to enhance customer satisfaction and relations.

Basic Accounting 1
Basic Economic 1
Basic Business Mathematics
Basic Management
English 1
Computer Application 1

Basic Accounting 2
Basic Economic 2
Business Mathematics
English 2
Computer Application 2

Basic Costing and Management
Basic Marketing
Business Statistic
Basic Financial Management
Basic Entrepreneurship

Programme Coordinator